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postheadericon Skillet Cajun Spiced Flounder with Tomatoes

Cajun spices, tomatoes, onions and peppers give any white fish extra pizazz and a little kick. Super easy and quick! Read more [...]

postheadericon Pan Fried Cajun Tilapia

I love this dish, its so easy and quick to make, and its so tasty and filling. Its my go to dish that when I don't want to spend so much time preping and cooking. Yum Yum Tilapia! Read more [...]

postheadericon Olive Garden’s White Chocolate Rasberry Cheesecake

This is one of my favorite desserts to eat. Chocolate and rasberry are a perfect pair together. There are only two places around that I like to get this scrumptious desert from, Olive Garden and the Cheesecake Factory. Enjoy. Read more [...]

postheadericon Buffalo Chicken Pizza

It's Pizza Time!! I love pizza and I love buffalo chicken so why not put them together. After having different various recipes at pizza shops and from recipes on the internet, I decided to create my own recipe. Try it, its sure to please the masses. Enjoy! Read more [...]

postheadericon Carrabba’s Italian Grill’s Pasta Weesie

When I visit Carrabba's Italian Grill I always get their Pasta Weesie. Its Pasta, shrimp, mushroom, creamy, and cheesy goodness all in one. I love that they aren't skimpin' on the large shrimp either. When they say large, its the truth. When I make this recipe at home I add even more shrimp. Ok, can you tell me that I am shrimp-aholic, yes I confess... Enjoy! Read more [...]

postheadericon Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Here is another great recipe that is also great for game day as well. Usually we would go out to get wings from our favorite wing places, but end up paying so much more money for just a few wings. Guys, we are in a recession and don't have money to waste, so I learned how to make them myself. So I am proud to share with you this great recipe to have game day celebrated at the house... Read more [...]

postheadericon Gumbo with Shrimp, Sausage, & Crab

Welcome Back Fellow Foodies!! I've got a Gumbo recipe that is a 'Sure Thing" in my family. After its made, there is no telling if there will more to come back to for seconds, ITS THAT GOOD! Without Further Ado.... Read more [...]