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My name is Alicia, better known as Smiley and I LOVE TO EAT & COOK! Cooking to me is like therapy that relaxes me. I love the trying new foods, old foods, comfort foods, and everything else in between.

I am a self proclaimed FOODIE. What is a Foodie you ask, well……

“..a person having an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food”

“To be a foodie is not only to like food, but to be interested in it. Just as a good student will have a thirst for knowledge, a foodie wants to learn about food. A foodie will never answer the question “What are you eating” with “I don’t know.”

If this is you or if your just looking for new ways to spice up your life with different foods, come sit at my table and share a meal or two with me!!


Enjoy and Savory Tastings!!

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  • Carole:

    This is a wonderful, wonderful site and the food looks good enough to try to reach through the page to try it! Can’t wait to try these recipes!

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